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Pasir Gudang, Johor

AR WAN AUTO CARE SDN BHD - 202201002478 (1448175-U)


Company Vision

  • We provide services related to car maintenance and repair. We strive to contribute towards a more perfect life.

Company Mission

  • We ensure the quality of work and safety of all parties must given priority. Therefore, car maintenance and repair work is carried out by employees who are highly knowledgeable in this field as well as have extensive experience. This step is taken to avoid unwanted mistakes.

Company Objectives

  • > Provide the best service to customer by offering reasonable prices.
  • > Get new customers while retaining existing customers.
  • > Ensure tha customers are satisfied with the work done.
  • > Prioritize quality over quantity in the work process performed.
  • > Developing the company into a Private Limited Company.
  • > Become a competitive and competitive company in a very challenging business world.
  • > Make this company the best car service center.
  • > Want to achieve higher profit targets from year to year.

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